Hand-plucked One whole "Possum fleece" from Franz Josef

Hand-plucked One whole "Possum fleece" from Franz Josef

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This is the hand-plucked fibre from one single possum who used to live near Franz Josef, on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Being from one animal gives the fibre artist (if so inclined) the opportunity to give thanks for that animal.

The fibre weighs 2.82oz / 80g

Blend with another fine fibre such as merino, at 25:75 (possum:merino).1oz is enough to blend in with merino (or other very fine fibre) to make two beanies (small hats).


If you would like enough to make an adult-sized jersey/sweater, we recommend 5oz.


Postage is an expensive part of buying possum fibre, especially if you would like it to be tracked. You might like to see if there are any other local fibre artists who also would like to try it. That way, you can share and reduce the cost of the postage. I can make up separate bags for each person, within that one parcel.


There is a big story and big environmental and social missions behind our small company. Please see the About page for more information. If you use NZGK Possum Fibre as a material in something that you make, you can (if you wish!) include our missions in your marketing.


    By working with the fibre from one single possum, the fibre artist may appreciate the opportunity to give thanks for the life of that particular animal. This possum did not die a cruel death from 1080 poison, but instead was swiftly dispatched with minimal suffering, and it's beautiful natural resource was recovered, by a man named Basil, who farms near Franz Josef.


    If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please let me know. I will refund you, but ask that you please pay the price of the return postage. 


    I ship packages using NZ Post. The cheapest way is by Air International, which is an untracked service. For shipments worth more than $200, the package must be tracked, and the price goes up a bit,

    Shipping is the most expensive part of buying possum fibre. If youy know of othe local fibre artists who would also like to buy some, you can save on shipping costs by getting one package for your group/guild. I'm happy tp make up separate bags inside the one parcel.